14 DAY – GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE – AED 11250.00 (Per person Double Occupancy)




Day 1: Welcome to London


Welcome to one of the most exciting cities in Europe – London! After your arrival to the airport your driver will meet you at the arrival lobby and escort you to the car for your private transfer to your hotel. You can spend the rest of your day relaxing and recovering from your jet-lag, or in case you feel energetic enough you can hop on a double-decker or do some shopping on Oxford street.



Day 2: Visit Paris


Departing London, you will be escorted across the English Channel, to meet the European Continent. Progressing through the French countryside, the anticipation of visiting one of the most cultural, iconic and cosmopolitan cities on the planet, will start to grip you. Finally…you meet Paris – ‘The City of Lights and Love’. We will introduce you to the metropolis, on a relaxing coach tour of the city, where you shall cruise past such iconic landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Notre Dame – taking note of the places you wish to explore more on your free day. After dinner in the artistic Montmartre part of the city the rest of the evening is yours to spend as you wish. A wander through the bohemian Spanish Quarter…a traditional French cabaret, perhaps? Maybe just a romantic stroll along the Seine River… This is Paris – don’t waste a moment…



Day 3: A free day in Paris.


The wonderful thing about Paris, is that it there is so much to experience, regardless of the time of day, or season. The Seine River is the backbone of the capital, and flows through the heart of the city. The banks are peppered with book sellers and market stalls if you wish to walk. But, why not choose a cruise, and cruise your way past the grandeur of the gothic Notre Dame cathedral, to the epic Eiffel

Tower? The commentary from the river boats will give you invaluable knowledge and information of the city. Famous architecture is scattered through the city, and ‘strolling’ is the best mode of transport for taking in every ounce of history. Paris Disneyland is perfect for the ‘young at heart’, and is only a short distance away. Your tour leader is brimming with ideas and local knowledge, so that you can get the best out of your time here. Don’t forget to find out where you can sample such French delicacies as frogs legs and snails – not your typical garden variety…


Day 4: Visit Switzerland.


‘Au revoir’ France…You are heading for the hills! Make yourself comfortable, as the drive through the mountain region of Switzerland is a highlight of the day. As you wind your way through the valleys, take in the snow-capped peaks,forests, changing colours of the landscape and picturesque mountain lakes. We can guarantee, that any goose bumps you get will be only partially due to the drop in temperature. Once in the heart of the famous Jungfrau Alpine Region, you will check into your mountain village accommodation, and enjoy the views. One of the most visited places in the Alps,

it is also a World Heritage site, and there are plenty of reasons to charge your cameras in preparation for tomorrow.



Day 5: A free day in the Swiss Alps.


Are you excited!! It’s a guaranteed snow day!! For 365 days of the year, Jungfraujoch is blessed with snow, and today you have the option to explore the ‘Top of Europe’ on one of our most popular excursions! The journey up the mountain is a highlight in itself, and you shall be shuttled to the highest railway station in the whole of Europe, and rewarded with the most inspirational views imaginable.. This 4000m glacier has a beauty all of its own, and the combination of ice, snow, rock and epic views will stay with you for life. Once at the top, frolic as you will. Alternatively, for those who wishing to spend their free day exploring the local sights, you can head to Interlaken, feasting on Swiss chocolate fondue, do a spot of sightseeing and souvenir shopping, or just wander

the village, breathing in that crisp, fresh, Alpine air!



Day 6: Visit Pisa and Tuscany


It’s time to swap snow for gelato, as you continue your European tour towards stunning Italian vistas. Make sure you prepare you camera for a photo opportunity of a lifetime..when we stop at the Leaning Tower of Pisa! This world famous Bell tower is immaculately presented. A world heritage UNESCO site, The Leaning Tower is visited by tourists from every corner of the globe, and is one of the

most popular cultural European landmarks. Onwards to the exquisite region of Tuscany – famous for wine, food, art and architecture. Once in Florence, a local guide can’t wait to show you around on a walking tour of the city. History oozes out of every pore of this artistic and cultural centre – the city is home to Michaelangelo’s ‘David’. After some free time in Florence we head to the exquisite Tuscan region – famous for wine, food, art and architecture. You will settle in Montecatini Terme, a spa town north-west of Florence.



Day 7: Visit Florence and Rome.


Today, your Italian adventure continues to blossom, bloom and grow as you continue to Rome. Speaking of centuries old… Rome, a city so popular and fantastically historical, you will feel like you have stepped back in time. The Italian capital buzzes with activity, tradition, passion, and an energy of its own. Our local tour guide, will take you by the hand and proudly introduce you to the locations which make this city so beloved and famous. The Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Roman Forum and the Coliseum…just for starters! Whilst at the Trevi Fountain, toss a coin over your shoulder, and legend has it, that you will return to Rome again one day. (what a great investment!) This afternoon is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of an optional excursion to visit the Vatican City – the smallest country in the world! Inside the walls, you can visit Michelangelo’s painting within the Sistine Chapel, as well as numerous other famous art pieces dotted around the buildings. On the way to your accommodation for the evening, you can start to plan what to do with your free day.



Day 8: A free day in Rome, optional excursion to the Vatican.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but luckily you have a free one, in which to explore this Italian capital to your hearts content The city centre boasts ancient ruins, historical landmarks, religious buildings and a buzzing atmosphere like no other. The Colosseum is spectacular, and for those who wish to enter, there are fabulous views of the city, and an unbelievable feeling of drifting backwards in time, to when gladiators, chariots and lions dominated the arena. Another feature of Rome is the constant aroma of Italian food and coffee spilling out from the cafes. You will be made to feel very welcome here, and the authenticity of the cuisine is a reflection of the people who serve it to you. Whatever you do, take your time and don’t rush. Remember that coin you threw in to the Trevi Fountain last night?…it means you will be back again someday to catch up on what you may miss. Enjoy!



Day 9: Visit Venice.


After roaming Rome, you shall now visit Venice on the next leg of your 14 day Europe Tour! Take note of the scenery on the way – vineyards and orchards flash in front of a majestic mountain backdrop. The diversity of the Italian landscapes will continue to impress. And then…Venice. A unique city, perched across 118 islands, and known for its canals, gondolas, Venetian masks, piazzas, art, traditional glass and lace making. Your tour leader will introduce you to the city with an orientation walk so you can use your free time in the early evening to explore. See the world famous St Marks Square, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge. The evening is yours to enjoy authentic Italian delights, with hundreds of fantastic local restaurants and bars to choose from. After an espresso, explore Venice the traditional way – from the canals. Take a gondola ride which gives you a completely different perspective and appreciation for the amazing structure of this supremely unique location.



Day 10: Visit Munich


Arrivederci, Italy…until we see each other again. Heading north toward Germany, you will encounter some of the most beautiful countryside in central Europe. The famous Brenner Pass will appear before you, and simply take your breath away. Arriving in Munich in the afternoon, there is plenty of time for an escorted walking tour of the city centre. With much of the city having to be restored after WW2, the modern and ancient history of Munich is fascinating, and the appreciation of the effort to rebuild the German city is gilded with respect. Munich plays host to one of the most famous beer festivals in the world – Oktoberfest! To give you a taste, this evening you will dine in a traditional beer hall, and enjoy a local stein on us! Prost!



Day 11: Cruise the Rhine Valley


Your German adventure continues, with you heading to one of the most picturesque sections of the famous Rhine River. The Rhine Valley is nestled to the north of Munich and boasts the highest concentration of castles and vineyards in Europe. Just for you, we have organised a Rhine Valley river cruise experience, so that you can relax, take in the scenery and medieval townships, whilst filling your lungs with crisp, fresh country air. As you dock at a quaint gothic German village on the banks of the Rhine, you will be checked into your hotel, and enjoy a lovely German dinner. Afterwards,

why not take an evening stroll along the banks of the river, or explore the village? There is a world famous Cuckoo Clock waiting to be discovered, and a shop bearing the world’s largest beer stein!



Day 12: Visit Amsterdam


This morning you will say your goodbye’s to Germany, and continue your Europe tour into the Netherlands. With your tour leader giving you a run down on local traditions and culture, you will be given an opportunity to indulge three of the most iconic Dutch products – cheese, clogs and windmills! A very entertaining cheese and clog making display, will have you fascinated and wanting to taste and ‘klomp’ (klompen is the Dutch word for ‘clogs’. Checking into your hotel you have a chance to freshen up, and then whisked to the centre of Amsterdam for a twilight canal cruise. Complete with pizza and ice cream, you will explore the city from below sea level, and gain an alternative perspective of this eclectic and bohemian city, whilst drifting past famous landmarks, and learning about  msterdam’s interesting development. Afterwards, why not join your tour leader on a walking tour of the infamous Red Light District, and then you are free to explore the city to your hearts content. The

cafes, restaurants and bars will be buzzing with activity and atmosphere.



Day 13: Visit Bruges and return to London.


After your Amsterdam adventure, you have one more stop before you set off for the UK. The Belgian city of Bruges, is a small but picturesque city, with breathtaking architecture and a wonderful personality. Described as the ‘Venice of the North’, take some time to stretch your legs and indulge ina spot of sight-seeing. Gastronomy is its forte, You will find plenty of chocolatiers ready to educate you on the quality of their produce. After your visit, you will then be on your way back to London, crossing the English Channel on the way. This is the perfect time to exchange contact details with new friends and travel buddies as you prepare to disembark in the capital. Make sure you upload the highlights of your 14 day Europe tour onto our Facebook page, and we look forward to having you on tour with us again soon.




Day 14: Departure out of London


Free time in the morning until departure to the airport.










Ibis Greenwich


Royal National

Ibis Excel




Ibis la Defence

B&B Porte de Lilas

Ibis Budget La Villette

IBIS Paris La Villette Cite des





Alpenrose Hotel

Hotel Schönbühl

Swiss Youth Hostel Interlaken

Hotel Baren, Ringgenberg

Hotel Oberland

Ibis Budget Lucerne




Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio

Hotel Autopark

Hotel Raffaello




Club House Roma

Christophoro Colombo

Hotel American Palace

Park Hotel Ginevra




Hotel Centrale

Residence Elite

NH Venezia Congress Center

Hotel San Guiliano

Hotel Venezia




Hotel Dolomit München

Ibis Muenchen City

Ibis Budget Augsburg


IBIS Augsburg Hauptbahnhof

Leonardo Hotel Nürnberg

Ramada Nuernberg Park


Leonardo Hotel Munich


Tryp Munich North

Azimut City Ost

B&B Munich City West

Winters Hotel

Leonardo Hotel Munich City


Avis Hotel Regensburg

A&O Nurnberg

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Rheinlust Hotel Boppard

Hotel Weiland

Hotel Gorres

Ibis Bonn

InterCity Bonn




Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Arena Towers

Lake Land Hotel



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