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Looking for a group Holiday Packages to come to Dubai? Our approach towards Group travel it’s totally unique and different, from the day we start the communication to finding a best deal we give lots of time and effort.It can be your vacation or business trip, our group travel expert take more time to prepare the right itinerary that suits your absolute interest.  We can provide you the best service providers in airport transfer, hotel and resort booking, city tour, adventure tours, cultural tours, shopping tours and safaris. Whether it can be pre-planned trip or last minute decision, no matter what you can get in touch with us to get free consultation. In addition Group travel has its own benefits that really matter to you.


Being in a group with people you know is the safest form of travelling. Walking the streets alone could be dangerous and if something happens to you there might not be anyone around to help or even notice that you’re gone.


As a respected and accredited tour operator we manage to get discounted group rates on flights, Dinning’s, hotels and List leisure activities and visits. And we are able to pass those savings on to our travelers.

Extra benefit               

If there are quite a few of you some our contractors might let you skip the queue.


Ever think about getting 80 people booked on one flight or confirming a dinner reservation for your entire group in Top of Burj Khalifa, The tallest Building on earth? You don’t have to, Our Group travel experts takes care of all your group’s reservations. Our contractors also work year-round to continually update their offerings, enabling us to constantly monitor and upgrade our tour quality.


Our PayPal online billing and payment tools well really suit you to work out of trip planning. No collecting checks, no calculators, and almost nothing to do, just clicks. Once we come to a final itinerary, we would send you an email to pay your bill through PayPal, once the payment is made all your tickets and booking will be sent to you within 24 hours

Constant support

Al Kazima’s Customer Care staff is always available to answer your questions. For group travelers, our Group Travel expert will be in touch almost 24/7

Talk to our group travel experts if your group is:

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Please fill out the form below to submit your group request. A “group” denotes 10 guests or more in the one booking.

Please be advised that a non-refundable $50.00 Quote Fee will apply to all group bookings which will be payable prior to actioning your request, the fee will be deducted from your booking should you wish to proceed. You will be contacted within 24hrs to arrange payment.

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