Single Jump 

Take a leap into the unknown; the ultimate thrill-seeker experience the anticipation begins from the moment you enter the cage, and the jumpmaster signals for the crane to take you up… and up and up you go until you reach 160ft. At this stage it’s difficult to take it all in… The view, the eagerness, the excitement, the hope, the fear! And then you hear the words ‘3, 2, 1 Bungee!’ You take the leap. Adrenaline fills your entire body as the ground rushes towards you at speeds you would never have imagined (up to 60 miles per hour to be precise), and the gravitation only increases your pace. Finally you feel the pull of the rope at your ankles, and back up you go. You continue bouncing until you’re lowered to the crew on the ground, and when you’re laid on the landing mat, heart racing, there is nothing quite like the thrill you have just experienced



Tandem Jump

Team up with a loved one and take the ultimate test of nerves! Fancy feeling the unforgettable thrill of flying through the air with nothing more than a bungee chord attached to your ankles. Not sure if you’re ready to do it alone? You and a friend can take the plunge together with this tandem bungee jump. A unique and exhilarating experience, you’ll be safely harnessed together before launching yourselves from the 160ft platform! This experience is a great way to enjoy an amazing adrenaline rush and your hearts will race as you hurtle towards the ground


150 USD

‘FAB’ Bungee Jump 

3…2…1…BUNGEE……! These are the last words you will hear before launching yourself from a 160ft platform. There is no other feeling like it, as you see the ground rushing towards you at speeds of up to 60mph. Then once you’re back on firm ground there’s only one thing to do… go again, but this time backwards! The backward jump is truly amazing and disorientating. And for the brave, fearless and somewhat barmy out there why not push your adrenaline levels a little further, testing your trust and nerve by asking the jumpmaster to hang you over the edge for your backward jump, and let him decide the moment when you’re released


145 USD